Baby wraps have been an essential part of holding, nursing, feeding, and mothering a baby since time began in most cultures. Wraps provide a unique closeness which develops the bond between mother and baby as the warmth and the beating of the mother’s heart provides security and comfort. Using baby wraps are the most simple, yet effective way to keep up the warm intuitive bond a baby has with its mother.

The Ultimate baby wrap is designed as a stand alone brand name, to securely hold your baby close to you and can be used during their first year of life or beyond. It has been proven a number of times that a baby is most content when held against your chest. It has also been reported that babies who are carried cry less, are healthier by gaining weight quicker, have better motor skills, they get a better view of the world rather than knee height in a stroller, they tend to be more independent as they grow (less clingy), sleep better, and are generally a lot happier in themselves being close to you. So what's not to like about a baby wrap? :)

A baby wrap will also help with multi-tasking by leaving your hands free to do other things. And the Ultimate Baby Wrap is more supportive for your back then some other baby wraps on the market and also perfect for your baby’s developing spine as it doesn’t put excess weight or stress on either you or your baby. This is an important point to make because when searching for a baby wrap, you need to find one that is sturdy and supportive with even distribution of your baby’s weight across both of your shoulders rather than the majority of the weight on one shoulder.

So let's take a closer look at 2 of the top recommended baby wraps on the market:

The Ultimate Baby Wrap

The Ultimate Baby Wrap

These fashionable and comfortable wraps are designed and made by real Moms not only as another method of carrying your baby, but as a way to enhance the bond between mother and her baby. It comes in black or brown and the material is made from cotton-lycra that contours around the baby’s body, holding them firmly and snugly in place.

The Ultimate Baby Wrap has a hidden 3-point harness for security which balances the weight from Mom while supporting baby. The wrap is so comfortable and stylish that some Moms have worn it as a top. This Baby Wrap is so sophisticated it has 5 carrying positions from back, hip, nursing, upright or torso. The simple but well thought feature to this baby wrap is the head and foot slots, which allow the head and feet to be covered in extreme weather.

This is one of the most versatile baby wraps around, that comes with an instructional video of how to weave the material for the various carrying positions.

Recent Customer Comments...

…it's the most comfortable carrier you'll ever wear. The soft t-shirt type material does not create a single pressure point, the babies weight… gets evenly distributed …It’s versatile. As an infant they are cradled inside in a lying down or diagonal position, then, upright and facing in. Later, as with my baby, on the side hip position. They can also face out or ride on your back. All this with the same tie, which, I might add at this time, is not complicated once you do it 2 or 3 times. it takes about 20 seconds to get on. When baby is in it, they feel the same thing they felt in the womb - weightlessness, warmth, and the familiar pattern of your everyday movements. They are either quietly alert or asleep. On the outside, it looks like you're wearing a little cozy cocoon. You can nurse with it on… Not a day goes by when I'm not approached on the street by strangers asking about this wrap… You will not regret this purchase.

Kineret S.

…You can put your baby into the wrap in any of the 5 positions after only having put the wrap on once. …At 3 mo old, she still seems to need the swaddley feeling of the wrap. After being put inside, she's asleep with a little dancing and shhhh-ing in just a couple of minutes. This is the best product I have purchased for my baby. I have bought this product for 2 friends since purchasing my own, and will continue to give this as a shower gift to every new mom. It has truly made a huge difference in my ability to not only get things done and go about the day, but also in my ability to soothe and mother my daughter in a way that she loves.

S. Ahn

The Moby Wrap Original is similar in design and quality to that of the Ultimate Baby Wrap, but comes in a variety of different colors like sienna, moss, natural, and lavender to name a few. Since it is also considered a high quality wrap, we've included some information on it below.

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier

For extra comfort and supreme design, the Moby Wrap covers your back and shoulders to evenly distribute the weight of your baby. The Moby uses a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped around both shoulders for support, it is simple and comfortable to wear without the need of buckles or snaps to hold the material in place.

This baby wrap comes with a set of simple instructions. The material is of single stretch cotton and wide enough to wrap baby securely, with the option to be able to secure baby’s head under the fabric for security and protection. Once your baby is safely secure, you have the ability to use your free hands on something else.

The Moby Wrap material is long enough to adapt to your growing baby and allows you to securely hold newborns to 35 lbs, although the material is able to hold up to 45 lbs. The baby wrap often soothes fussy or unsettled babies once wrapped, its much like swaddling them close to you. Some experts suggest that holding your baby close to you frequently is extremely important, especially for bonding. This wrap solves the tired and aching arms and back problem by its unique design providing comfort and support, while holding your baby close.

The Moby Wrap is versatile as it can be worn in up to 5 different positions and comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Recent Customer Comments...

The Moby wrap was able to be used the day we brought our preemie baby home from the hospital. The Moby wrap swaddles your baby snuggly to you… It spreads the weight out evenly across your back and shoulders and feels much better for longer periods of time… There are a variety of ways to wear your baby with this carrier… Being able to pull the cloth completely over her so she can sleep soundly is a plus. The instructions are easy to follow… The Moby wrap is easy to clean with being machine washable and dryable… The Moby wrap was an excellent purchase. Putting our daughter in it and walking around or bouncing on an exercise ball was one of the few ways to calm her during the height of her colic. Our daughter is now 5-months old and still enjoys the Moby. We expect to continue to use our Moby wrap for many more months.


…This wrap also allows SO many different positions. when I know my daughter wants to be awake and checking things out I face her out, and vice versa facing in. so far her favorite is the hug hold and lotus hold… theres about 8 different holds which is great.. I ALWAYS wear the moby when I shop or go out or when my daughter is tired… OVERALL GET THE MOBY! I recommend it to EVERYONE and many people have come up to me and asked me what they heck I was wearing!

J. Evans

So there you have it! Either of the baby wraps above offer the perfect support and comfort for mothers on the go, without straining your arms or back. And both baby wraps come highly recommended by other mothers due to their unique design allowing your baby to snuggle close. The firm hold allows you to bond with baby by having them close, but giving you the freedom to use your hands freely. So for the most comfortable way to carry your baby, pick up the Ultimate Baby Wrap or the Moby Wrap today.

Happy Snuggling!

The Staff

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